From now on, Workstation Management shouldn’t be a problem!

A company’s competitiveness depends to a large extent on its information system, especially in the age of digital transformation. However, managing workstations is often a complex task

40% savings on PC management

By reducing workstation malfunctions and maintenance, you save 40% on the management of your IT environment.

80% energy savings

You save 80% on your energy consumption, thanks to Intel NUC’s low energy consumption and the elimination of on-site visits.

Operational Excellence

A PC environment that is always up to date, flexible, secure and always true to your company’s corporate image.

The lowest TCO in the market

Deploying and updating a large number of workstations is time-consuming. With ceBox®, deployments and updates are centralized and made simple

Maintaining production

The ceBox® solution guarantees production, even in the event of cyberattacks or disasters on site.

External growth

As part of your external growth, you can quickly deploy your workstations from your corporate image (Master).

Why choose ceBox®?


Centralized management of operating systems, applications and the start-up and shutdown of all workstations.


Ultra-simplified administration of all your sites, from a single management console.


Eliminate 80% of malfunctions, and no more on-site maintenance visits.


Secure PCs that are immune to malicious software installed by users.


Workstation deployment and OS migration management are centralized.


No server to manage for the centralized management of workstations and no impact on network links.

What our customers are saying

CCA International has chosen ceBox®!

Over the years, the CCA International Group’s installation technology has become one of its major assets. We’ve chosen to virtualize our positions to offer more flexibility and security to our call center workstations, among other things. The success of this project means that today, at CCA International, the Wisper solution has been clearly identified as a competitive advantage for retaining and winning customers.

– Laurent Mimault – Chief Information Officer at CCA International

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The features of ceBox®

Learn more about the many features of the ceBox® solution: Deployment and migration of your workstations, centralized versioning and updates of your workstations, remote support and management, monitoring and so much more!

The benefits of ceBox®

Find out more about the benefits of the ceBox® solution. The solution offers many benefits to IT services (information officers), users and to the organization at the global level (cost reduction, productivity, etc.)

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