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Get the performance of a PC and the size of a thin client!

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Provide your users with a powerful work from teleworking experience

ceBoxOS® : A unique software solution to manage your workstations

Discover in detail the numerous functionalities of the ceBoxOS® solution: Administration, deployment and migration of your workstations, Versioning and centralized update of your workstations, assistance and remote control and much more. The ceBoxOS® solution adapts to any Windows or Linux environment.

With a monthly (or yearly) subscription, you have a homogeneous and up-to-date fleet.

ceBox® : the box containing the ceBoxOS® management software + an Intel NUC Mini PC

You can choose the ceBoxOS® + hardware option: Intel NUC Mini PC. The subscription includes the software solution and the rental of the NUC. Your fleet is homogeneous and up to date. In addition, you have the latest generation of Intel processors at your disposal to ensure better performance. Other advantages include: replacement of boxes, easy storage,

As an option, we can also offer you a machine take-back programme and recycling by a certified and supportive organisation (CSR).

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ceBoxOS® the solution for your projects

  • You are a local, regional, national or international player,
  • You have a specific activity in customer relations, or an internal contact centre
  • You are in a hyper-growth phase with several sites to be equipped rapidly
  • You are interested in buying or renting to renew your equipment
  • You have a small IT team to administer your equipment
  • You have little or no knowledge of virtualisation
  • You want to test the solution in your environment
  • You are looking for a French team to support you

ceBoxOS® the essential brick

What are the benefits of thisBoxOS®?

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Increased productivity - Optimised resources

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Quick and easy to deploy

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Increase users satisfaction

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Performance and flexibility. Discover the ceBox® hardware solutions!

Windows 10-ready mini PCs configured and tuned for optimal performance. 3-year Intel® warranty on the complete product.
Offered as a monthly subscription, ceBox® provides you with a single solution to meet the different performance needs of your business departments.

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The testimony of Sylvain LAURENT, IT Project Manager at Comdata

  • Security is a major concern for all our customers and for us. (…). ceBox provides a brand new desktop every morning, as if it were out of the box, with a clean master image, free of any external files or downloads, the browser cache empty – the ultimate reboot.”
  • Deploying updates remotely. Managing hundreds of workstations can be time consuming. When it comes to deploying a specific software update, web browser upgrade, customer-provided patch or software patch, we can’t afford to manually fix each computer – the business needs to run the next day without interruption for IT maintenance. CeBox allows us to remotely deploy these changes and retain the previous image of the computer – if we need to go back.”
  • Performance. We use voice intensively – most of our operators work via the softphone and the calls go through the computer and the network. Our machines need to handle the workload efficiently, especially since voice quality is paramount when handling our customers’ phone calls.”
  • Security, even in the home office. One of the recent challenges in this regard was the need to quickly deploy home offices. With the COVID pandemic, we were faced with the urgent need to enable thousands of our operators to work safely from home, and we had to activate this change in record time. It was essential to ensure that all of our customer systems and our own were accessible from home, while maintaining RGPD and data protection regulations. We deployed over 25,000 workstations in record time. Several thousand of them benefited from the CeBox home solution, which allows us to send a small, pre-configured computer to our employees’ homes with dual authentication, a security key and an embedded VPN. “