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Wisper, Join the Architects of tomorrow’s world.

When you join the Wisper Partner Program, you become part of an ecosystem of partners whose mission is to digitally transform and optimize the customer experience through innovation, proximity and customer care. Wisper relies on its privileged partners to help all our customers navigate a virtualised IT asset management, easy to deploy and administer.

Why Wisper?

Unique technology for your portfolio

Wisper has revolutionised the digital desktop by taking the best of virtualisation and the PC for unique performance without dependence on the network. Today, the offer is also 100% virtualised. Your customers can choose between a software offer or a software+hardware offer. An innovative and French solution!

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Integration into your value chain

Whatever the size of your customers, our solution delivers tangible savings and helps them grow. IT asset management, centralised deployment, simplicity, flexibility, bug reduction for operational excellence. A simple business model: monthly or annual subscription and recurring revenue. A licensing model with no hidden costs and support included.

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A strong commitment to ensure consistency and success

Our sales, marketing, support and R&D team will support you with a dedicated approach to your development. Do you need technical expertise, training or documentation? We are with you.

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Sarah GORNEAU, Channel Manager Wisper

A real attraction for Indirect Selling

Through her assignments and relationships with distributors, Sarah developed a growing interest in the indirect channel. Logically, when she was asked to take over the monitoring of distributors 6 years ago, she accepted without hesitation. Her involvement was such that when Avencall was acquired by Wisper, the leader in desktop virtualisation, in November 2020, indirect sales was confirmed as a real company project. Since then, having become Channel Manager, Sarah has taken over the management of the distribution network and the recruitment of partners for the XiVO solution and the Cebox solution developed by Wisper.

″ We prioritise human relationships, proximity, listening, support, sharing expertise and creativity! Membership of the Wisper partner programme offers  exclusive commercial opportunities, whether you are: Operator, Hosting Company, Offer Aggregator, ESN, Software Editor, Distributor. Depending on your activity and company profile, different levels and forms of partnership are available. “

Thomas BERNIGAUD, Wisper Marketing Director

A software editor to support you and boost growth

“With Wisper, you benefit from unlimited support. Our teams are at your side at every stage of your growth. You have access to a training programme and extensive documentation for your technicians, pre-sales staff and sales representatives. ”

“The digital transformation of companies has resulted in server virtualisation in particular. Today, companies are looking to extend these benefits to desktops by optimising the possibilities. Desktop virtualisation makes it possible to decouple the logical elements – Operating System (OS) and applications – from the physical elements (processors, memory) of the traditional PC. This technology has clear advantages, particularly in terms of cost and energy savings. Desktop virtualisation holds great promise for organisational transformation and cost reduction.
transformation and operational cost reduction. “

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