Use Case: Retail

Centralized Management

Centralized management of all your terminals spread out over different points of sale in several countries, with no server infrastructure to set up or manage, and without having to resize network connections.


Centralized management of mainstream PCs in points of sale with optimal performance (3D design software, online catalogs, etc.). The terminals are secured and with every startup, will essentially be a new computer free from any malicious installations.


Remote control of terminals in points of sale, with remote technical assistance. In case of involuntary or voluntary malicious installations at a point of sale, a simple reboot is sufficient to return to a functioning environment.


All of your points of sale will benefit from a corporate, standardized working environment that is always up to date, with the possibility of defining a pilot store to test out your applications. In case of a cyberattack, and production at your computer terminals can resume after simply restarting.

Use Case: Customer relations center


From a central dashboard, you can manage the deployment and updating of terminals spread out over all your call centers. Terminals will always be functional and will feature unequaled, continuous performance.


The ceBox® solutions provides great flexibility to your call centers because you can program different master images depending on the operations of the day, week or month, all on the same terminal. With only a few clicks, or automatically programmed, you can assign the master image dedicated to one operation to a user at a specific time or date.


ceBox® lets you block USB ports, thereby securing your customers’ data. In case of a malicious installation, simply do a restart to return to a healthy computer free from any malicious installation.


In case of a surge, you can extend an operation to one or several other sites, all with one click. In only a few minutes, the environment dedicated to the operation will be functional on the terminals selected, offering unparalleled reactivity and flexibility in your call centers.

Use Case: Administration terminals

MAINTENANCE & Supervision

The ceBox® solution natively integrates the remote-control feature. You can then assist your users centrally. Also, you can supervise all your terminals from your single management dashboard.

Simplified Management

Most administrative terminals are the same, or very similar. Their administration should be just as simple! With ceBox®, you only need to manage one image for all your terminals. With one click, you can deploy or update all your stock of equipment.


Thanks to the standardization of your stock of equipment, the centralized updating and the read-only mode, your terminals are always secured. Also, in case one or several terminals are infected, simply restart the terminals affected to erase any trace of infection.


The ceBox® solution lets your users into their professional working environment from home. Either they take their Intel NUC kit home with them, or they can get a spare kit to take home.

Use Case : Training


All your terminals are updated and deployed centrally without having to use a third-party solution. You can schedule and decide on how to deploy your updates, and you can even backtrack at any time.


The solution meets all the multimedia needs of teachers, students and infrastructures such as training centers and language labs. Using multimedia content such as video and bidirectional sound is made optimal.

Customized Computers

The same terminal can run several environments, Windows or Linux, or even several versions of the same OS. Your terminals will be completely flexible and independent from a specific installation for a specific use.

Image Protection

Protect the OS and applications to guarantee continuous performance over time. Terminals are automatically regenerated with every restart, removing any trace of past use and guaranteeing content that is loyal to the production image as defined by the teaching team.

Use Case: Public institutions


Local execution as offered by the ceBox® solution, thanks to the power of the Intel NUC, provides maximum performance (multimedia and bidirectional sound, for instance). USB accessories are mounted natively, like on a traditional PC.


Increasing or decreasing the volume of user terminals is done immediately and completely securely by simply changing the image that includes all the dedicated applications and target VLANs. The same terminal can run several different environments (OS + applications).

Public Terminals

Protect the OS and applications on public terminals to guarantee continuous performance over time. Terminals are automatically regenerated with every restart. That way, every new user can enjoy a new computer.


The ceBox® solution lets you deploy an entire site or department in only a few hours (instead of taking days) in the same configuration as a given target department by integrating its own business software.

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