A short description of ceBoxOS®

ceBoxOS® is a connected PC solution that allows you to pilot all desktops centrally without requiring a third-party solution.

Offered as a monthly subscription service, the ceBox offer includes the Intel NUC, centralised management of your NUC kits, as well as proactive support.


The power of a PC and the intelligence of centralised management solutions, all this with none of the constraints

Powerful, secure PCs with no lag to performance over time

Centralised management of the OS and applications without a server and with no impact on network connection

Savings of at least 40% in the management and maintenance of your stock of computers

Aim for IT operational excellence!


Centralised management of OS and applications, from starting up to shutting down all terminals at once.

Simplified Administration

Ultra-simplified administration of all your sites from a single management dashboard.

Promotes Organisation

80% reduction of malfunctions and no more travelling to sites for maintenance.

Secured Terminals

Secured PCs immune to malicious installations by users.

Deployment and Migration

Deploying terminals is executed centrally, just like managing OS migrations.

Promote Productivity

No server to manage for centralised management of terminals and no impact on network connections.

End-to-end international coverage

100% satisfaction rate with users!

Multimedia performance

The ceBoxOS® solution cannot be compared to VDI. In fact, virtual machines are executed locally near the users, on Intel NUC kits. The user’s machine then uses the terminal’s chipset, providing your users with multimedia performance that is at least equal to that of a traditional PC.

Communication Software

Office software

The ceBoxOS® solution is ideal for all office terminals. All your standardised terminals will be based on a common image including the operating system (Windows or Linux) and office applications, such as Microsoft Office or Open Office. Data processing is therefore simpler for your users.

Microsoft Office
Open Office
Business software

Terminal security

ceBoxOS® is a solution that lets you secure your computer terminals. VLAN management and USB port blocks are a native part of the solution, while the read-only mode lets you get rid of any malicious installations by simply restarting. The centralised management of updates also allows you to be highly reactive in the event of a cyberattack.

VLANs Management
Non-Persistent Mode
Centralized Updates


The centralised management and flexibility of the ceBoxOS® solution helps you to gain productivity. Users will benefit from terminals that are always uptodate with the latest versions of their software. They will also have a secured terminal that will experience no degradation in performance over time, providing for maximum productivity for the organisation.

Centralized Updates
No degradation over time
Secure Workstations

A few figures


Energy Savings




Savings for your stock of equipment


Savings in time

Minutes to patch your IT infrastructure with ceBoxOS®
Minutes to remove ransomware

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Features of ceBoxOS®

Find out more about the many features of the ceBox® solution: deploying and migrating your terminals, versioning and centralised updating to your terminals, remote assistance and control, monitoring, and much more!

Benefits of ceBoxOS®

Find out more about the benefits of the ceBoxOS® solution. The solution provides many advantages for the IT department, for users, but also more generally, for the organisation itself (lowering costs, raised productivity, etc.).

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