The best of a PC and VDI

ceBoxOS® : a unique technology that provides a perfect balance between the native perfomace of a PC and the flexibility of VDI. 

Traditional PC solution

Becomes obsolete

Maintenance cost

Standardised stock of equipment

Reduced performance over time

Security problems

Lacks flexibility

The ceBoxOS® solution

No server infrastructure

Stock is always up to date

Terminals executed locally

Centralised management

Multimedia performance

Optimised management

OEM license

Lower costs

Traditional VDI solution

Server infrastructure costs

Impact on network connections

Complex administration

Reduced performance

BCP/DRP issues

VDA license

How does it work?


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Features of ceBoxOS®

Find out more about the many features of the ceBoxOS® solution: deploying and migrating your terminals, versioning and centralized updating your terminals, remote assistance and control, monitoring, and much more!

ceBoxOS® FAQs

Discover the Frequently-Asked Questions for the ceBoxOS® solution. Indeed, you may have questions about integrating the solution into your IT system. The answers to your questions can surely be found in our FAQs!