How can I manage staff turnover and new hires with ceBox®?

Is it more normal for an organization to welcome new employees or to see others leave? Either way, these occurrences are complicated for the CIO to manage.

On the one hand, they must quickly provide the new employee with a functional and reliable workstation.

And on the other hand, the CIO generally finds out important information such as the start date, the identity of the new employee, and the hardware to be allocated at the last minute.

manage staff turnover and new hires

Background and issues of staff turnover: when “turnover” rhymes with “labor”!


In the world, the turnover rate for companies of all sizes and from all sectors as a whole ranges of 23 %.

For IT departments, managing this turnover rate is especially tedious: Whether it’s as part of a transfer or a permanent departure, the CIO must retrieve the outgoing employee’s terminal, clear it, and reinstall it with tools dedicated to the employee coming into the establishment.

On average, the cost of staff turnover for IT ranges from €100 to €150 depending on the amount of time it takes to reinstall the terminal, install the software suite suited to the user, and provide the hardware.

Staff turnover is often a source of tension between IT departments and management/users.

Departure or hiring notifications often arrive late to the IT department, which must react quickly to accommodate the new employee on schedule.


Need to reinstall the desktop

Amount of time the new workstation is available very short

Between €100 and €150 per desktop for recycling

Deterioration of communication between the IT department and management

Loss of income/cost of delay in the event of poor turnover management by the CIO

Onboard with peace of mind with the ceBox® solution!

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The ceBox® solution supports the CIO in issues with staff turnover. Is an employee leaving? With ceBox®, the desktop are cleared every day thanks to the read-only mode, which makes it possible for the computer to be restored to the image predefined by the desktop administrator upon each startup.

Bringing on a new employee? The desktop administrator has already prepared the master images (masters), which will meet management’s various needs (an accounting master, another administrative master, etc.). The CIO just has to give the ceBox® to the new employee and assign the proper master containing the OS and applications. Both the desktop and the employee are immediately operational.

The CIO immediately allocates a positive image thanks to their quick reaction time. Furthermore, the time allocated to staff turnover is considerably reduced, leaving the CIO more time for projects with higher added value.

Manage a new hire in 3 steps with ceBox®

1. Receive information regarding the incoming employee

The CIO finds out important information regarding the incoming employee: start date, identity, department, hardware to be allocated, etc. Even on short notice, the CIO knows that they will be able to prepare the access and hardware to allocate to the new user.

2. Prepare the hardware and access

The IT team can then give the new employee the required access. By knowing their department, the CIO knows which types of tools they are going to allocate to the user as well as the hardware necessary to their proper performance. Since the terminal images are centrally prepared and updated by the IT department, the desktop can be ready in 5 minutes. Just it on, join the network, and choose which image should appear upon startup via the ceBox® management dashboard, which can even be done remotely.

3. Provide the user with a desktop, onboarding

On the new employee’s start date, the IT department gives them their hardware (phone, computer, access badge, etc.). The desktop is immediately operational, and the new user can immediately start work on the first projects they should be working on.

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