Discover the ceBox® FAQ, Wisper’s new workstations virtualization solution! Although we hope that many of your questions have been answered, should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

ceBox® can be installed on your equipment, enabling us to guarantee the expected level of performance, including native USB redirection, multimedia, bi-directional sound, etc. We have also optional equipment: Intel NUC or ASUS.

The workstation works like a regular PC. It integrates your domain and your GPO for networked printers. Native USB redirection also enables the seamless management of your printers locally.

ceBox® dispenses with any export display between the main site and the remote site. The VM is run locally on the remote site, for maximum performance regardless of the network link. It is deal for users of web applications given that they have been developed for local browser execution and not export display.

With the ceBox® solution, you take full control of the updating of your workstations. It’s up to you to decide when to initiate the updates. In case of any problems, there is an option to revert to a previous Master version. Updates are no longer a source of stress and unexpected faults!

We recommend using an antivirus in “light-agent” mode for workstation virtualization. This mode allows you to manage antivirus signatures from a centralized server.

No, as the name implies, the cache optimizer is there to optimize the exchange of disk blocks between the Wisper cloud and your sites. However, to facilitate deployments, we strongly recommend using it.

Yes, using the IGD mode, the ceBox natively uses the resources of the NUC graphics card.

2 options:

  1. Roaming profile: This allows you to manage Internet favorites, network disks, etc. It is also recommended for .ost files to be redirected, for example, to a file server for consultation.
  2. We also have the option of partitioning the ceBox® disk to locally manage the profiles used on the workstation.

The solution is independent of any type of directory, it is not a prerequisite. CeBox® can be seamlessly integrated into your AD or LDAP. You manage it as on a standard PC.

You can manage all types of OS, X86 platforms. More specifically, all windows OS as of windows 7 and all Linux versions.

USB redirection is managed natively by the ceBox® solution, as on a conventional PC.

You can use this infrastructure to manage the cache optimizer.

The optimizer is not a point of failure; as its name suggests, it is used for optimization. If it is no longer available, the disk blocks that are not present in the ceBox cache can be retrieved directly from the Wisper cloud.

As with a conventional PC, you no longer have access to the Internet and your file servers, but your workstation will continue to function.

Yes, the user can bring an Intel NUC box home and use his Internet connection to access his work environment.

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