Advantages for the IT department

Find out how ceBox® can support your IT teams

Centralized management

You can manage all your computer terminals distributed over all your sites from a centralized dashboard

No server infrastructure

This isn’t VDI, but rather Digital Desktop: VMs are executed directly on the terminals, so you have no server to manage


You can deploy or migrate hundreds of terminals with only a few clicks

Terminal security

Deploy your security updates with only a few clicks. The read-only mode lets you get rid of malicious installations

A standardized stock of equipment

You can take control of all your terminals and their applications with ceBox® !

Simplified maintenance

You can manage all your terminals from your centralized management dashboard, and you can also take control remotely

A closer look at Wannacry!

Comdata takes a look at the advantages of ceBox® in the event of cybercrime.

For IT, applying a patch is a real process that mobilizes time and human resources that are very significant on the one hand, but it also requires technical validation beforehand, which can even extend over several months.

With the Wisper solutions, we were able to apply a patch in only a few seconds to all our terminals scattered over our different sites, with the possibility of backtracking at any time. This feature let us not make any compromise between the operational urgency and the respect for internal processes. The centralized management solutions, such as SCCM and WSUS, don’t offer this level of reactivity. With this feature, ceBox® is a perfect part of our operational excellence strategy, which guarantees our end users with ongoing and secured productivity every day.

Benefits for users

Discover how ceBox® can improve the user experience of your employees


ceBox® offers identical performance and user experience than a Pc straight out of the package

Innovative communication

Your users can benefit from innovative communication solutions (chat, video chat, etc.).

Always up-to-date

Your users will enjoy terminals that are always up to date with the latest versions of their applications

Softphone solutions

The ceBox® solution is compatible with Softphone solutions (VoIP, Skype, etc.).


You can provide your users with a professional application environment in the context of teleworking


Your users will work in a healthy and secured office environment that will protect their data

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Benefits for the company

Find out how ceBox® can become a competitive advantage for your company


ceBox® will save you 40% on computer terminals, or $1,169,760 for 1,000 terminals over 5 years


ceBox® can save you 80% in energy usage over all your stock of equipment, and is a perfect part of your CSR policy


High-performing, secured terminals mean better productivity by your employees


The rental model of ceBox® lets you keep your treasury and retain your investment capacity

Save surface area

Intel NUC mini-PCs with no server infrastructure can save you significantly in terms of surface area

Competitive advantage

Better productivity, more flexibility, secured terminals – ceBox® can be a real competitive advantage

Client testimonials

Find out what our clients think about the ceBox® solution

Desktop virtualization became a necessity for our hospital because it was difficult to manage an IT asset management of more than 1000 desktops with only one maintenance technician. We chose the Cebox® solution because it provides daily ease of work for the maintenance technician. It can update all applications on remote desktops very quickly.

– Constant Mbock – CHIMM

As part of the Blue Zone project, Bolloré Logistics chose Wisper to equip various countries in West Africa. Located near the main rail lines (Abidjan-Lomé, Conakry-Kagbélen), these energy-independent installations help to contribute to economic development.

– Bolloré Africa Logistics

The Wisper solution allows us to very quickly deploy computer terminals, all during the school hours. But clearly, the TCO savings of 60% compared to replacing a standard PC was the real selling point for my choice for this solution.

– Pierre Chimenti, Head of Projects Architectures and Software Packages of AFT-IFTIM

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Features of ceBox®

Find out more about the many features of the ceBox® solution: deploying and migrating your terminals, versioning and centralized updating your terminals, remote assistance and control, monitoring, and much more!

How it works?

Find out more about how the ceBox® solution works. We provide a commented diagram: centralized control dashboard, the Wisper Cloud, the Intel NUC, multi-sites, network connections, Cache Optimizer, virtual PCs, and much more.