Video Interview of Papernest

The Papernest & Wisper adventure

Papernest (ex-Souscritoo) is a French start-up founded in 2015 by Philippe de la Chevasnerie and Benoît Fabre. Specialising in simplifying the administrative procedures related to moving, it offers the subscription and termination of energy, internet, and insurance contracts or even the redirection of mail to the user’s new address.

In October 2017, the start-up had 100,000 users and 130 employees. The platform changed its name to Papernest to facilitate its international development in 2018 and raised 10 million euros in funds from Partech Ventures, Idinvest Partners and Kima ventures.

In November 2018, Papernest opened its first international office in the city of Barcelona. It has 100 employees in the Catalan capital and claims to have helped more than 300,000 users since 2015.

Why did Papernest choose Wisper and its ceBoxOS® solution?

The problem was to easily manage a heterogeneous fleet, facilitate updates and to meet the compliance and security requirements of our partners.

With the ceBoxOS® solution, Papernest now has a homogeneous fleet that is easy to update. The teams have brand new workstations every day, with the same characteristics, and accompanied by a process that detects and prevents any spread of malware.

Papernest’s next challenges with ceBoxOS®

Papernest will further develop the “Call Centres” side, extend the solution to other teams or profiles such as the business development or incentives team, SEO, partners and look at the solution for teleworking.

A word from Mr. Fabre

Benoit Fabre, Co-founder, and CTO within Papernest, discusses the choice of the ceBox® solution.

With the arrival of our teams in Barcelona, we were able to easily manage the workstations of 120 people, the team changes, and the modularity of the places. Gone are the days when everyone had to take their computer under their arm.

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