Immersion at l'IUT de l'Oise

L'IUT de l'Oise deployed the ceBoxOS® solution!

The IUT de l’Oise is a higher education institution grouping five technology university degree and eight professional degrees, spread over two campuses; Creil and Beauvais.

The IUT de l’Oise wanted a solution that would enable them to manage the IT equipment at their two remote sites, as travel was too frequent and the road was often congested by traffic jams. The establishment also wanted to find a solution that would allow applications to be easily deployed on all workstations while maintaining unrivalled and constant performance, particularly in the context of their language laboratory, which is a major consumer of multimedia resources. The last deciding factor in choosing the ceBoxOS® solution was that workstations were often infected by viruses, which spread to teachers’ and students’ USB sticks.

Why did the IUT de l'Oise choose Wisper and the ceBoxOS® solution?

First of all, it met my expectations perfectly when it came to managing my IT equipment. The ceBox® console allows you to manage several remote sites, which limits on-site travel and saves IT teams considerable time. Then, the ceBoxOS® solution made it possible to virtualise a language laboratory that consumed a lot of multimedia resources, where all other VDI solutions had failed. No impact on network links, optimal performance, so many assets that offer students an effective learning environment!

Testimonial of M.Laurent Pelletier

Laurent Pelletier IT and telecom manager at IUT de l’Oise

The ceBoxOS® solution gives me more peace of mind in managing my fleet, I can respond quickly to my users’ expectations: workstations are always up to date, updates are scheduled and i am able to make new applications available to them in just a few clicks. On a daily basis, user support is reduced to a simple remote restart of the ceBox® since this simple gesture is enough to find a destkops conforming to the master image. Finally, Wisper’s solution allows me to have a healthy park, immune against malware with desktops like new at each startup.

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