Video interview at Élogie - Siemp

Élogie - Siemp deployed ceBoxOS® solution

Élogie – Siemp, created from the merger between Élogie and Siemp, the third largest social housing proprietor of the City of Paris, manages an estate of nearly 30,000 housing units in Paris and the suburbs. With some 490 employees, Élogie-Siemp aims to meet the City’s objectives in terms of producing social housing and improving the quality of service provided to tenants.

Élogie-Siemp wanted to take advantage of the merger and move into new premises to renew its computer equipment, which was becoming increasingly outdated. Some workstations had not been replaced for six years, resulting in a decrease in user productivity and an increasing number of helpdesk support requests.

The daily management of ceBoxOS® at Élogie - Siemp

“To deploy the ceBoxOS® solution, once the network layer was properly configured with firewall, access list (ACLs) and Vlan rules in place, we had to create and optimise a master; it took us a month to make it compliant with all users’ requests.

Then we deployed the virtual machines in less than 5 minutes. Every week, we restart all computer stations via a script integrated into the console. We have also defined a schedule for updating the desktop: we update the master which is then deployed on about twenty desktop in a so-called “recipe” environment.

If we don’t get user feedback after a few days, we validate the upgrade with a simple restart. So it’s transparent to users.”

The floor goes to Mr François Dautry

M.François Dautry, Élogie-Siemp Systems and Networks Manager, reviews the choice of the ceBox® solution

We chose the Wisper solution because unlike traditional VDI solutions, the ceBoxOS® solution is the only solution on the market that does not require any server infrastructure.

Indeed, virtual machines are run locally close to users on Intel NUC mini PCs. Virtual machines use the local NUC graphics card, which allows us to have multimedia performance equivalent to that of a traditional PC without impacting network links.

For example, our project management department uses Autocad software and the Adobe suite on a daily basis with the same performance as a PC.

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