Immersion at the Alexis de Tocqueville Library

The City of Caen deploys the ceBox® solution!

Eagerly awaited in Caen, the Alexis de Tocqueville library (named after the famous Norman philosopher) opened on January 14, 2017. The Urban Community of Caen la Mer chose the ceBox® solution to equip the client computers of this outstanding library.

Find out here why the Urban Community of Caen la Mer chose the ceBox® solution for its computers. Discover what their issues were, as well as why the choice was made through the testimonial by Stéphanie Lagoutte, the User Assistance Manager, plus a video report.

Why did the City of Caen choose Wisper and its ceBox® solution?

The Urban Community of Caen a Mer had to equip the new library with new hardware in a very short time, between the delivery of the building and the agents starting their jobs. Fifteen days was the deployment period for the 110 work computers.

Beyond this ease of deployment, the City of Caen wanted to simply the management of the computers within the library and had to find a solution to quickly and easily update its computers. After a testing phase, it turned out that the ceBox® solution perfectly met all these requirements through the centralized management of its computer stock.

Testimonial by Ms. Lagoutte

Ms. Lagoutte, the User Assistance Manager for the Urban Community of Caen la Mer, takes a look back at why she chose the ceBox® solution

If I had to list the top five major advantages of the ceBox® solution, it would be its speed of deployment onto new terminals, the ease of updating computers, the standardization of the computers, the centralized management of the terminals, and the simplicity of learning how to use the solution.

Of course, we’ll be continuing to deploy ceBox®.

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