Comdata deployed the ceBoxOS® solution

Comdata is a European leader in customer relationship management. As an architect, designer and operator of customer relationship management, Comdata is involved at all stages of the customer journey: sales service, technical assistance, telesales, etc. With its business and technological know-how, Comdata helps companies to successfully digitise their business by providing advice, tools and business operations.

Comdata is a group of 50,000 people present on 102 sites in Europe, Latin America and Africa, serving more than 650 customers. Over 250 people are dedicated to the technological side with the sole objective of building tools dedicated to the most advanced and efficient customer relationship management. Discover why Comdata chose ceBoxOS® to support its growth.

Why did Comdata choose Wisper and its ceBoxOS® solution?

Comdata wanted to optimise the operations of its production platforms and rationalise its infrastructure costs. In this context, one of the main parts of the project consisted of deploying a desktop virtualisation solution in several sites over several continents, minimizing infrastructure costs as much as possible, all without impacting existing network connections. After having viewed the main offers on the market, Comdata chose the ceBoxOS® solution from Wisper.

Comdata can now deploy an entire platform in only a few minutes (rather than needing several days beforehand) in the target client’s configuration by integrating its business-specific software. Updates for computers and applications are managed centrally, with the possibility of keeping a backup of the update versions to allow for backtracking in full transparency. That way, increasing or decreasing the volume of the agents’ terminals can be carried out immediately and completely safely by simply applying a context grouping together dedicated applications and target VLANs.

In concrete terms, the Wisper’s solution provides the production computers with perfect flexibility and security, which are needed for Comdata’s business, all while allowing for savings resulting from the deployment, maintenance and in terms of the energy use of the computers. The centralised administration, the reduction of technical interventions are now significant advantages to be able to offer the quality of service expected.

Testimonial by Comdata

Comdata takes a look back at why he chose the ceBox® solution

For the IT department, applying a patch can be a time consuming process, requiring significant time and human resources. Lengthy technical validation may be required beforehand, which may extend over several months.

With Wisper solutions, we are able to apply a patch in a few seconds over all of our terminals spread out over all our different sites, with the possibility of backtracking at any time. This feature helps us to not make any compromises between operational urgency and meeting internal process constraints. Centralised management solutions such as SCCM and WSUS do not allow for this degree of reactivity. With this feature, ceBoxOS® is a perfect part of our strategy of operational excellence, guaranteeing that our final clients will have ongoing and secured production every day

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