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The IUT de l’Oise is a higher education institution grouping 5 Technology University degrees DUT and 8 Professional degrees spread over two Campus Creil and Beauvais.

The IUT de l’Oise wanted a solution that would enable them to manage the IT infrastructure at their two remote sites, as travel was too frequent and the road was often congested by traffic jams. The IUT also wanted to find a solution that would allow applications to be easily deployed on all desktops while maintaining unequalled and constant performance, particularly in the context of their language laboratory, which is a major consumer of multimedia resources. The last decisive factor in choosing the ceBox® solution was that workstations were often infected by viruses, which spread to teachers’ and students’ USB sticks.

Élogie – Siemp, born from the merger between Élogie and Siemp, the third social landlord of the City of Paris, manages an estate of nearly 30,000 housing units in Paris and the suburbs. With some 490 employees, Élogie-Siemp aims to meet the City’s objectives in terms of producing social housing and improving the quality of service provided to tenants.

Élogie-Siemp wanted to take advantage of the merger and move into new premises to renew its computer equipment, which was becoming increasingly outdated. Some workstations had not been replaced for 6 years, resulting in a decrease in user productivity and the proliferation of helpdesk support requests.

Since 1964, Thalgo Laboratories have been creating Marine Cosmetics for Spa and Beauty. Working closely with renowned phycologists, the Thalgo Research Center is the undisputed expert in Marine Intelligence, with over 50 marine active principles identified, extracted and concentrated in exclusive ingredients with unrivaled properties.

Since 2013, Thalgo Laboratories have chosen Wisper to homogenize their computer stock. Every year, they renew their confident in Wisper solution by deploying our new ceBox® solution on all the Group’s computers! Mr. Diego, the CIO of Thalgo Laboratories, takes a look back at how they set up ceBox® at its various sites.

The CCA International group was constructed over 20 years through a series of decisive innovations and strategic acquisitions, and is now a leader in Europe recognized in the externalized client experience. CCA International is now one of the main European players that specializes in externalizing the multi-channel client experience.

In 20 years, the group has developed full, sectorial expertise throughout the client experience cycle, from pre-sale to technical support. CCA International’s mission is to support brands in thinking about and setting up innovative, efficient and secured systems of externalizing their client relations. Discover why CCA International chose ceBox® to support its growth.

Eagerly awaited in Caen, the Alexis de Tocqueville library (named after the famous Norman philosopher) opened on January 14, 2017. The Urban Community of Caen la Mer chose the ceBox® solution to equip the client computers of this outstanding library.

The Urban Community of Caen la Mer had to equip the new library with new hardware in a very short time, between the delivery of the building and the agents starting their jobs. Fifteen days was the deployment period for the 110 work computers. You’ll also read a testimonial from Stéphanie Lagoutte, the User Assistance Manager, as well as a video report filmed within the Alexis de Tocqueville library itself.

The Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal de Meulan – Les Mureaux was created in 1997 from the merger between the Meulan Hospital and the Bécheville – Les Mureaux Hospital. Its capacity is 495 beds and 65 places in day hospitals. In order to meet the expectations of the local population, it offers comprehensive and local care, inpatient, outpatient, or through specialist consultations.

1200 agents, representing about a hundred different professions, contribute to the quality of patient care throughout their stay. These professionals are spread over four main sites and ten outpatient facilities.

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