About Wisper

“At Wisper we provide stable and technically flawless solutions, thanks to our R and D and Support teams, while allowing you to achieve real cost reductions over the long term.

Wisper’s teams

As a leader in desktop management,  we reinvent PC solutions to offer efficient workstations with the lowest TCO of the market to our customers.

On the strength of its expertise in desktop management solutions, our products are based on state-of-the-art technologies, allowing businesses and administrations to quickly set up desktop management projects with mature solutions, offering unparalleled performances.

Many large companies, who are responsible for thousands of workstations spread across multiple sites, seek to achieve operational excellence in IT management from an affordable and global solution. Appointing and managing hundreds or thousands of workstations is a time-consuming burden that can take weeks, or even months, to achieve. Managing updates, securing positions and ensuring their smooth running can be a real waste of time and money.

The arrival of VDI heralded the revolution of desktop management by promising to meet all the customer’s needs. Unfortunately, however, it was not a success. As a result, PCs still require management, which means finding other software, even if that means being forced to compromise. However, this path can be complicated and costly, and performance can be poor for users.

It’s obvious that a global solution is needed to support the digital transformation of workstations in medium and large sized companies. Now, imagine a world where PC and VDI had merged, keeping only the benefits of each: this is what Wisper does.

Our values


Designing innovative products, able to meet users’ needs, and the needs of IT teams, is at the heart of all our solutions.


Integrity and honesty in our dealings with customers, suppliers, partners, and each other are fundamental principles for our corporate action.


Regardless of the company size, each Wisper customer is a favoured one. You can access all our skills and knowledge feeling as if you were our only customer!


At Wisper, we believe in the power of eco-responsible innovation in everything we do. Since 2006, we have been designing workstation virtualisation solutions that respect the environment. Sustainable computing is our philosophy.

Our backstory

Discover the story of Wisper, from Neocoretech up to today: Wisper

2006 - Creation of Wisper

Conceived as a simple idea to develop software for the emergency services … quickly virtualisation opened our eyes. The idea of ndv® was born.

2008 - ndv®1 is born

The first version of our virtualisation solution was created with an exclusive feature at that time: the non-persistent mode. It is also the creation of our drag and drop console that left many of our customers speechless!

2009 - Fundraising

This was our year of fundraising, which allowed structuring of our commercial, support and R and D organisation. We took the opportunity to launch ndv®2 to manage Windows and Linux positions, therefore, we are the only ones to propose it. This has always been the case…

2010 - Launch of ndv®3

Continuing with our strategy to enable our customers to save money, we launched the ndv® offline site that synchronises remote sites without having to resize network links; even those with ADSL !

2012 - All about performance !

Multimedia needs of users are now constantly changing. Having anticipated it already, we launched ndv®4 with ndv®access point functionality to recycle PCs and to improve multimedia performance and USB redirection. Good things come in twos, so it is also the launch of the ndv®client to manage BOYD projects and remote access.

2014 - And if we reduce server infrastructure?

ndv®5 offers a different approach to VDI by eliminating hypervisor servers and by running the VM locally from the access point. This innovation opens our eyes to tomorrow’s virtualisation…

2016 - ceBox®, our treasure, your solution!

It’s a bit like merging the VDI and PC world without the constraints of each, but with all their benefits. No server to manage and unparalleled performance; a new paradigm was born … !
Stay tuned as the dis continues ...