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ceBox® has the power of a traditional PC, the intelligence of centralized management solutions, all this without the constraints of each one!

ceBox® in 2 minutes

ceBox® in just a few words

ceBox® is a highly innovative managed PC solution. Inspired by the best aspects of traditional PCs and of desktop virtualization, ceBox® offers centralized management of your entire stock of computers without any server infrastructure and with unrivaled performance for users.

Bring your IT infrastructures to the digital era by making it secured, connected, flexible, economical, very simple to manage and provided with performance at least as good as traditional desktops.

Why should you choose ceBox®?

The advantages of the ceBox® solution are numerous for today’s modern organizations.


Users will find themselves in a safe and efficient working environment every day: unparalleled and optimal multimedia performance, innovative communication (chat and video calls) and softphone management. Thanks to centralized management, their desktops are always up-to-date and secured. They  may also have the possibility to handle telework.


The IT department can manage all desktops from a centralized dashboard, which lets them manage all terminals in every site, even those that are distant geographically. There is no server to manage for desktop virtualization. Images and data are protected and there is no dependence on network connections.

For THE organization

The ceBox® solution can save up to 40% for desktops, 80% of energy savings over the entire stock of hardware and can save surface area at your sites. By renting your terminals, you will be saving your treasury and keep your investment capacity. The solution can therefore help provide better productivity and will become a real competitive advantage.

For Security

The ceBox® solution is a powerful weapon against cyberattacks. By managing all your terminals centrally, it becomes possible to apply security updates and patches in only a few minutes. Also, thanks to the read-only mode, the solution provides a “clean” working environment with every restart.

For the Planet

The ceBox® solution can be a perfect part of a company’s CSR process. Indeed, the solution helps to drastically reduce the consumption of energy by computer terminals. On one hand, the solution uses Intel NUC kits, which are high-performance, low-energy machines (80% less than traditional PCs), and on the other hand, the solution requires no server infrastructure.

For Productivity

Since ceBox® terminals experience no fragmentation, their performance will remain constant over time. Users will enjoy a high-performance terminal that is always up to date. The IT department will no longer need to physically go and maintain terminals in person, and there is no server to manage. This time saved will help you get tasks done that have higher added value.

ceBox®: your ally against cyberattacks

Client testimonial

For the IT department, applying a patch can be a heavy process, mobilizing very significant time and human resources on the one hand, but also requires technical validation beforehand, which may extend over several months.

With Wisper solutions, we are able to apply a patch in a few seconds over all our terminals spread out over all our different sites, with the possibility of backtracking at any time. This feature helps us to not make any compromises between operational urgency and meeting internal process constraints. Centralized management solutions such as SCCM and WSUS do not allow for this degree of reactivity. With this feature, ceBox® is a perfect part of our strategy of operational excellent, guaranteeing that our final clients will have ongoing and secured production every day.


A closeup look at Wannacry

174 Countries affected
300000 PCs infected
5 Minutes needed to patch all terminals with ceBox®
3 Minutes to eliminate this piece of ransomware

More than 200 happy clients all over the world

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A few figures

35000 Terminals in production
214 Clients
12 Countries
13 Years of experience

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